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Project Abstract

1-A. Marketing Management Situation

The shoe industry continues to be flooded with low-cost goods from countries like China, Taiwan and Korea, which makes it increasingly difficult to compete on price. With recent studies revealing markets either trading up or trading down (�death in the middle�), the concept of customization comes in as a possible source of significant competitive advantage for the said industry. Segments are becoming more heterogeneous and markets are becoming niches and microniches, and this is not only a reality today but a trend expected continue within the next two decades. Habits and preferences are also evolving: for instance, people (especially teenagers and early adults) are becoming more conscious about fashion and are getting more involved in purchases that have to do with style. Given all these, information is needed to assess whether there is demand for footwear customization and determine a starting point based on basic consumer preferences.

1-B. Market Research Objectives

1. To gauge the market potential for footwear customization in Metro Manila.

2. To determine critical influence factors such as price and footwear attributes that will shape the concept of a customized shoe business.

Surveys released for this project:
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