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Each year students register for classes, with little, if any knowledge of the courses or professors they will encounter. The University of Colorado at Denver currently possesses a backward and technically inept system for registration. Students face the challenge of dealing with the lack of advanced technological resources that should be available in a twenty-first century university.

As a result, students rely on word of mouth, gossip, and paper course catalogs that only belong in the nineteenth century. Going green calls for paperless systems. Unwanted classes and ineffective professors produce loss of students and frustration for students and faculty alike. With the rising costs of tuition, students do not have the time or the resources to waste semesters in unnecessary courses.

What we propose is for every course offered there be an online professor profile, a detailed synopsis of the topics covered, an attached syllabus and booklist. Attaching the syllabus and booklist would further the goal of a more environmentally friendly campus, by allowing students to retain an electronic copy rather than a paper copy.

Surveys released for this project:
Student Feedback Survey 16
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