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Impact of Information Technology Towards Fresh Graduates

Project Abstract

Great forces such as the rapid development of IT, growth of international capital markets, new business model and globalization has changed the working environment of accountants (Boritz, 1999). However, extents of IT knowledge and skills currently being integrated into the accounting curriculum are insufficient for fresh accounting graduates to be competence as expected from employers (Bassellier & Benbasat, 2004). Thus, finding should stimulate a more rigorous study to examine the extent, mode and quality of IT integration into the accounting curriculum (Ismail, 2005).

Based on the research, IT knowledge and skills is crucial for the enhancement of the accounting profession. However, the finding of the research was only based on existing accountants� view on how IT affects accounting profession (Chang & Hwang, 2003). Although it is important to recognize existing accountants perception on how IT affects job position, fresh accounting graduates should also pay attention as other constituency (Chang & Hwang, 2003). Hence, it is obvious that the research did not have sufficient findings to prove that the significance of IT in the determining job position of fresh accounting graduates.

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Impact of Information Technology Towards Fresh Gra 21
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