Louisiana State University

Project Description

An online version of the Defining Issues and TARES tests aimed at gauging the ethical decision-making patterns of public relations practitioners based on responses to dilemmas and ethical consideration statements.

Project Abstract

This study employed the Defining Issues Test (DIT) and a quantitative version of the five-factor TARES Test to gather data on the ethical decision-making patterns of public relations practitioners. The former is an instrument based on Kohlberg’s (1969) moral development theory, the latter self-enforced, ethical consideration statements derived from the research of Baker and Martinson (2001). Results show that levels of moral development in public relations differ based on job segment, and that age, education, gender and rank significantly affect levels of ethical consideration. The TARES test, it was discovered, is better suited for a three-factor configuration based on Day’s (2003) definition of moral knowledge.

Surveys released for this project:
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