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IT Governance

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This research project is an attempt to improve the state of knowledge of the core IT governance processes in public and private sector institutions. With the implementation of IT in organizations, how to best manage the technology has emerged as a critical issue to enable the organization to maximize value and minimize risks. Not surprisingly, there has been a plethora of research on this issue that has mainly focused on the types of organizational structures that exist to govern IT. Less is known, however, about the central process mechanisms employed by organizations to govern IT.

This study is an attempt to approach the topic of IT governance processes more systematically; what are the central processes and in what contexts are they most important? In particular, we are interested in what types of IT governance relationships that these processes are deemed important and used by organizations today. To address this question the Delphi method will be employed. The Delphi method was developed by RAND to gain consensus amongst experts on a particular topic matter. The technique involves using sequential surveys and repeated interaction with experts until there is some convergence in opinions. In this case, IT executives in both the public and private will be consulted. The process will first build up a list of central process mechanisms. Then the subsequent surveys will be used to rank these processes according to the types of IT governance relationship involved.

Surveys released for this project:
IT Governance Delphi Survey #1 87
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