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A Study of Employee Motivation In Insurance Industry In Malaysia

Project Abstract

Motivation is not a new word in most organizations. Many companies are trying their best to motivate their employees well. Motivation is important because it will ensure the success of a business. If employees are motivated to do their jobs well, the operation of the business will run smoothly, thus company may gain profit. In contrary, if employees are not motivated to perform their jobs well, it may prohibit the achievement of company�s goal.
There are many factors that may motivate employees. Different approaches or theories contribute to different motivation factors. In this dissertation, researcher concentrated more on Victor Vroom�s Expectancy Theory.
Expectancy Theory is about choice. It explains the processes that an individual undergoes to make choices. Expectancy theory predicts that employees in an organization will be motivated when they believe that:
- Putting in more effort will yield better job performance
- Better job performance will lead to organizational rewards, such as an increase in salary or benefits
- These predicted organizational rewards are valued by the employee in question.
In this dissertation, researcher has attempted to do further research on Expectancy Theory with the objectives as follows:
1. to verify the applicability of Vroom�s model into organizational factors of motivation
2. to identify the motivators (from the important to the least important level) for employees in Klang Valley
3. to examine the importance of money as motivator
4. to find out the relationship between employee motivation and job performance
5. to find out the motivation level of employees with different demographic factors such as gender, marital status, race, age, education qualification, job position, job specialization, and length of service.

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