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Employee Value Proposition Challenge

Project Abstract

Employee Value Proposition is the measurement of the balance between what an employee receives from their employer in return for their performance on the job. In other words, it is the "get" versus the "give." If in the employees' minds they "get" rewards equal to or exceeding what they "give," the company will tend to have more satisfied employees and increased retention. Hence, it is important that EVP is always taken into consideration. The only way to balance this is to know what the company expects from its employees and what the employees expect in return. Therefore, communication and employee engagement is critical.

Employee Value Proposition from a recruitment standpoint one may ask the question "What's in it for me?" In today�s market, employers must find more and more ways to differentiate themselves from the rest in the pack to ensure they attract the right talent.

This research will help us understand and appreciate EVP better and why it is critical that any organization have a strong EVP.

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