Northumbria University

Project Description

The evolving nature of quality in cataloguing and how that quality can be achieved

Project Abstract

The inspiration for this study stems from a reading of a 1996 paper by Sarah Thomas entitled �Quality in bibliographic control�.1 Her paper examined how the concept of quality in cataloguing in libraries evolved during the 20th century. We continue to see shifts in what is perceived as �quality cataloguing�, with the emphasis moving away from adherence to strict standards, towards making material accessible soon after arrival. Technical services departments in libraries have seen in recent years, and many continue to see, dramatic changes in the work they do and the way in which it is carried out. Many different approaches have been taken by libraries in their quest to achieve the appropriate balance between speed, accuracy and extent in their cataloguing. The collation and assimilation of the literature on this topic could prove valuable to those looking to make changes to their cataloguing workflow in an attempt to improve quality.

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