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Title Page: Please list your group members in alphabetical order
Table of Contents
Executive Summary: Briefly summarize your business problem, research questions, findings, methods, and recommendations. This should be an informative stand alone piece. (2 pages max)
Introduction: Provide useful background Information that motivates and describes the business problem and the project. Also, conduct a literature search that informs the reader about what is known about your topic (a minimum of 10 sites). (Usually 3-4 pages)
Methodology: Describe the methods used to solve the business problem proposed in the Introductions. Describe the sampling plan you used and how you collected the data. Sumarize how you intend to analyze the data to answer each of the research questions. Limitations should also be discussed. (Usually 2-3 pages).
Findings: Describe the findings or results of the project. Each research question should have its own subsection in which your findings are discussed. Findings should be supported by tables and graphs as appropriate. Recommendations can be mentioned here. (Usually 6-8 pages)
References: Choose a format & be consistent.
Appendix: Supporting material should be included here including a hard copy of your Excel spreadsheet.

Surveys released for this project:
Renewable Energy 15
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