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Project Abstract

ADV-1141 FALL 2008
Overview of Research Project #2

DUE: 12/4/08

The group research projects are meant to provide you with a practical orientation of the activities involved in planning, organizing, executing, analyzing and reporting research.


This group research project will allow you to use primary research methods to further analyze a particular product or brand.

Objectives of this project are:

1. To specifically identify and target an audience segment for research.
2. To successfully plan and execute primary research for the purpose of fully understanding that target audience, utilizing strategies and tactics learned in class.
3. To analyze the data you have collected in order to create key findings that form a strong foundation for advertising strategy.
4. To provide insightful and meaningful recommendations for the client, either enhancing or building upon the recommendations in the secondary research project report.
5. To give a cohesive, well supported presentation of findings and recommendations, in addition to a professional leave behind piece for the client.

You will work in research teams of 6-7 individuals each (no more than six groups in a class). Based on the exemplary secondary research of one of your team members, the client has asked you r team to further investigate target audience habits and preferences using primary research. Your team will act as the agency research group charged with developing advertising strategy recommendations for the brand based on this research.

You will conduct two methods of primary research- one qualitative and one quantitative- and present your findings in the form of an oral presentation to the client at the conclusion of the research process. While the quantative method will most likely be a survey, you may choose which qualitative method to used based on what you feel will best fulfill your clients needs.

Steps to complete this project in an efficient and effective manner:
- Today October 23:
- Determine and meet with your team (5-6 members); share emails/cell phone #�s
- Each team member will describe his/her secondary research client and report, providing information on the target audience, initial recommendations and potential primary research.
- As a team, decide upon a client for whom your team will conduct primary research and the methodology (what types of primary research you will do).
- The person who wrote secondary report for client will email it to all team members for review.
- Determine roles/responsibilities of each team member for research(For example, if you are doing a survey, does each team member conduct them, or do some conduct them and some tabulate them? If you do a focus group, does each team member recruit 1-2 participants? Who will moderate? Who will take notes?Etc)
- Settle on dates to conduct research and post-researcg team meeting(s)
- By 10/30/ provide me with a short document (1-2 paragraphs) that list team members, client and methodology.
- 10/31-11/06: Build questionnaires or field guides-drafts for both qualitative
and quantitative research are DUE to me on or before 11/10.
- 10/31-11/06-Recruit participants if necessary, determine logistics of research
- 11/06-11/13 �Execute research- I recommend completing the research by 11/18 at the latest.
- 11/13-11/20-In team meetings, determine key findings and recommendations, also define roles/responsibilities for oral presentation and written leave behind.
- 11/20-11/25-Build presentation and Practice! Finalize everything�
- 12/02; All project binders are do to me; Presentations will be held 12/2 - 12/4
- (2-3 per day)


All team members will participate in a 15 minute oral presentation (plus time for Q&A) that includes an explanation of their research and key findings-I will give you an outline of what you should include.
Also, the team will create a take away binder with:
1. A creative cover that idenfies team name,team members and client brand
2. Print out of the presentation, one slide per page.
3. Print out of the quantitative research materials :survey, tabulations, cross tabs
4. Print out of the qualitative research materials: moderator or interview guide,
Transcripts of focus group or interviews, field notes,etc.

5. Print out of the secondary research report , revised as necessary
6. Any other materials you feel support the overall group project
7. A CD or DVD with any audio/visual materials , if applicable

Sections of the binder should be separated by binder tabs.

You will be graded on:


- Completion of the interim assignments (overview of the project, questionnaires or field guides)
o The extent to which you utilized things we learned in class in your research
o Question development
o Questionnaire design
o Data Analysis
o The quality of your research design and data collection
o Transcripts
o Tabulated response sheets
o The thoughtfulness and thoroughness of your analysis of your analysis and recommendations
o Presentation/binder: (professionalism/organization/appearance, clarity of information quality of content

Peer Evaluation:

-You will be rated on your overall contribution and quality of work by members of your own team.

-Your presentation will be rated by other members of the class

Surveys released for this project:
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