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Project Description

Management of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability in Australia: The Triple Bottom Line Approach

Project Abstract

In recent years, corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability are
gaining importance and are starting to play major roles in the strategic management
of companies. Many businesses have started implementing reporting tools on these
additional objectives and a model called the Triple Bottom Line emerged. The Triple
Bottom Line (TBL) captures an expanded spectrum of values and criteria for
measuring the success of an organization and includes ecological and social
performance to the common financial performance.

The research will be outlined in six chapters, starting with the environmental,
economic and social challenges companies currently face. The second chapter will
introduce corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability as well as
the TBL approach to implement such and compare it to the traditional shareholder
value concept. The third chapter will focus on specific advantages CRS and
sustainability bring with them and the following chapter will state advantages of the TBL approach. Chapter five will focus on the actual research conducted and finally
the conclusion which will summarize the findings of this research.

Surveys released for this project:
Sustainability 59
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