Eastern Connecticut State University

Project Description

Examining the Influences of Different Diversions on College Student�s Academic Performance

Project Abstract

Currently, no research can be found that examines how a variety of academic diversions as a whole influence an individual�s academic performance. This study seeks to fill this gap in the research by utilizing the existing research on a number of different topics to make predictions on how different diversions may influence an individual�s academic performance. One of the primary goals of this research is to devise a way of viewing the influence of academic diversions as a whole on an individual�s academic achievement. Another major aim for this research is to allow for comparisons between different diversions in order to determine which are the most threatening to a student�s academic performance. The composite measure that will be used to examine this will be known as the index of academic diversion- an extensive survey that will study a random sample of college sophomores on their experiences. Seven dependent variables will be used to study academic diversions and two independent variables will be used to measure academic achievement. The index will be repeatedly tested prior to its formal implementation in order to ensure that it is both sufficiently reliable and valid. Respondents to the survey will be guaranteed anonymity in order to ensure truthful responses. Possible applications of this research range from redirecting university policies to improving the training of resident assistants. Select limitations of this study include its generalizability to only a specific class of Eastern students and the lack of certain variables that might also influence academic achievement.

Surveys released for this project:
Student Research Survey 96
Contest Entry 2
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