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Project Description

Perceptions regarding wastewater among students on a large university campus

Project Abstract

While technology is available to achieve recycled water that is superior in quality to current potable water standards, the notion of drinking wastewater is not a concept that benefits from unconditional public support. Reuse schemes may face public opposition resulting from a combination of prejudiced beliefs, fear, attitudes, lack of knowledge and general distrust on public utilities. For making effective public policies and strategies, public attitude studies are required in each national and sub-national context because of the large variation in culture, climate, water availability, economy, etc. Such variability makes the transferability of specific findings
and conclusions from one region to another difficult. Studies on public perception towards wastewater reuse have been conducted in the U.S. and worldwide. However, no such study has been conducted in Ohio. This study proposes to
fill this information gap by conducting a survey of Ohio residents on their perception towards reuse of wastewater. As a test case, students on a large university campus in Ohio will be surveyed.

Surveys released for this project:
OSU survey 48
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