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Project Description

The purpose of this study is to describe and explainhow technology is integrated into the university applied music studio in American colleges and universities. In addition, it aims to explain how studio professors perceive the benefits and potentials of technology in studio instruction from the most basic form to the most advanced. This will be accomplished through an online questionnaire. The population for this survey is collegiate instructors of applied music in the United States. After consideration of options, I decided to use the members of the ATMI (Association of Technology in Music Instruction) as the sampling frame for this population. I chose ATMI because the people involved with this organization are known in the professional community, as experts in application of technology to instruction. Also, a majority of the 150 members are college music professors throughout the United States and are the best source of information about names of professors who are actively integrating technology into studio private instruction.

Project Abstract

an e-mail message was sent giving a link (an URL to a website) to an online version of the questionnaire described earlier. This was sent in the early part of the 2004 spring semester. The professors were encouraged to complete the questionnaire in three weeks. If they did not complete the questionnaire, a second e-mail message link was sent to those who did not respond asking them to complete the questionnaire and reminding them of the link. Approximately two weeks later, a third reminder email message was sent. The data collection was considered complete after a total of six weeks expired.

Once the questionnaire data are completed, they were studied and a determination was made if there was evidence of exemplary use of technology by a studio professor.

Surveys released for this project:
Technology in Applied Music Instruction 47
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