University of Phoenix

Project Description

The project is conducted as part of a project assignment in a class covering "advanced methods of statistics". A survey of 10 to 15 questions will be sent out to a random sample of approximately 300 users of a TV-related software platform that is currently being broadcasted via public satellite television in Europe.

Project Abstract

The project goal is to measure customer satisfaction and acceptance of the new open standard "MHP" amongst television viewers. MHP, that is currently in pilot operation in Europe and will most likely be adapted by US cable operators as OCAP, is an open standard, government-promoted software platform for digital and interactive TV applications, such as Electronic Program Guides, Games, etc. The survey serves the purpose of evaluating the satisfaction with existing and the expectations towards future services amongst users. If successful, the project might be carried on by a commercial company (with a license for QuetionPro) after completion of the acedemic groundwork.

Surveys released for this project:
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