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Project Description

The purpose of this research is to investigate existing relationship between personal relationships, information processing, and perceptions about mental health diagnoses. We want to know more about how these elements influence those in training programs and what they believe or are open to in making a diagnosis.

The information you provide will be useful in helping us to better understand the relationship between mental health professionalsÂ’ relationships, information processing, and perceptions of mental health diagnoses.

Project Abstract

This study examine whether graduate students in mental health training program who endorse secure attachment will score significantly higher on (a) openness and curiosity, (b) likelihood of diagnosing dissociative identity disorder (DID), and (c) belief in DID as measured by the Relationship Questionnaire (Bartholomew & Horowitz, 1991), the Need for Cognitive Closure (Webster & Kruglanski, 1994), the Curiosity and Exploration Inventory (Kashdan, Rose, & Fincham, under review), the Diagnostic Scenarios (Modestin, 1992), and Belief in DID questionnaire created for this study. Analysis of data from 28 graduate students did not support the hypothesis. Data will continue to be collected. Future directions and limitations are discussed.

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