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Project Description

I am a student doing academic research related to the operations of an educational non-profit called the Quest Scholars Program. Quest is seeking understand the needs of high school teachers with regard to advising their students about the college application process and financial aid.

Project Abstract

The Quest Scholars Program is a private, non-profit organization operating under the umbrella of the Center for Social innovation at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Quest provides services for talented, low-income high school students. In the program's 10 years of operation, we have found that high school teachers serve as an excellent link between their students and Quest, and are in a unique position to provide low-income students with information about how to enter and afford institutions of higher education. In order to study how Quest might improve its ability to network with teachers in order to ultimately help their students, Quest intends to administer a survey to high school teachers nationwide. The results will be used to develop resources and an information exchange service for teachers.

Surveys released for this project:
Quest Test 26
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