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Project Description

Online Public Speaking Course (COMM R110 - Prof Cochrane) -Using surveys to create one-point persuasive speech and later a speech of policy. Several of my classmates are using your survey tools. I was impressed, and find this may be helpful at work.

Project Abstract

For Instance......



Directions: Conduct a simple poll of your audience as to their beliefs and feelings regarding your topic. Email your poll to your classmates embedded in an email message (to decrease the chance of viral infections.) Analyze your results (See Lucas, Chap. 5). What can you infer regarding the disposition of your classmates toward your topic? How will you adapt to their feelings, beliefs or attitudes? Write this out in narrative form based on the questions asked below.

My claim is: _________________________________________________________


Conduct a simple survey (your instructor may require additional questions) using this semantic differential:

Audience responses:

1 2 3 4 5 6
Strongly Agree Moderate Agreement Weakly Agree Weakly Disagree Moderate Disagreement Strongly Disagree

You may want to ask WHY your classmates hold whatever feelings they do and incorporate this into your analysis.


What were the statistical results of your survey?
If you discovered any additional reasons for why your audience holds a specific belief or attitude, what are they?
What inferences can you make from this information?

How will the above analysis help you to select your reasons and evidence? Did you have to do anything differently based on the above. If so, what was it? Be specific.

Surveys released for this project:
Hydrogen Fuel Cells 9
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