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Project Abstract

Undergraduate and lateral entry students at Appalachian State University receiving a teaching license in North Carolina are required to create a technology portfolio. The telefolio is used to demonstrate the student’s completion of computer technology requirements to receive a teaching license. This portfolio includes examples of a variety of ways computer technologies can be used in the classroom. Included in the portfolio, but not limited to, are project examples, lesson plans, power point presentations, and resource information where teachers can find technological solutions to incorporating computer technology into the classroom. The portfolio can be completed independently, or by enrolling in the FDN 3100 Classroom Use of Micro-Computers K-12 course. Each student, regardless of how the portfolio is compiled, is required to follow a rubric provided by the state which explains each example (artifact) that is to be included in the portfolio.
Statement of Problem:
Student teachers are required to create a technology portfolio to be eligible to receive a North Carolina teaching license. The technology portfolio requires a lot of time and effort to be completed successfully. Are the students creating the portfolio just to complete another project requirement to graduate? The requirement statements for the portfolio can be hard to understand. Are students creating the portfolio independently having a lot of problems doing so? A student being taught how to use different technologies in the classroom depends on the major they have selected. Is a person’s major a handicap toward the creation of the technology portfolio? Many new teachers are
Technology Portfolio 3
only experienced with the technologies which they have been taught to use in their courses. If the person is not taught how to use a technology for a certain purpose, then that person is less likely to teach themselves how to use it. The portfolio is to be used once the new teacher has a classroom. Are these new teachers applying the resources, lessons plans, and projects included in the portfolio to their own classroom? Many teachers find it very hard to use technology in their classroom, due to there is so much information the teacher is required to cover in such a short amount of time. Many teachers simply do not have the time to spare.
Purpose of Study:
The purpose of the study is to find out from current student teachers if they had problems creating their technology portfolio, and if students feel that it was a worth while task creating computer technology resources that could be used in the classroom. Many students are not accustomed to using different technologies, especial focusing in on the classroom setting. The study will help identify problems students faced creating the portfolio, considering if work towards its completion was independent, or completed as part of the FDN 3100 course requirements. The study will also help identify any relationship between the student’s major and the level of difficulty the student encountered creating the portfolio.
Research Question
How difficult was the creation of the technology portfolio? What difficulties were encountered during the creation of the portfolio? Do you feel that the process of creating the portfolio has been useful?

Surveys released for this project:
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