Know your consumer in-depth by creating online surveys and get actionable insights using robust analytics such as Trend, Conjoint, GAP, NPS, CSAT, CES and many more!

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Conduct Consumer Research Surveys & Analytics

Conduct online consumer surveys

We offer a robust and powerful research engine to enable you with the collection of real-time data and actionable insights about the market and consumers under a single platform. Create, distribute and analyze surveys to get actionable insights or create qualitative research using the same survey software. QuestionPro’s consumer research tool provides you with comprehensive research with both qualitative and quantitative options.

Advanced Analytics and Reports

Make well-informed decisions with our detailed reports and analytics offered by QuestionPro consumer research software & tool. Power your research with easy to understand visual infographic reports and robust analytical techniques such as Conjoint, TURF, GAP, Trend, Comparative NPS analytics, CSAT, CES, and many more, with the help of intuitive and easy to use dashboards to give you a deeper insight into your consumer and understand the market.

Organize your Audience

Power your research with 22 million+ panelists demographically profiled from across 32 countries and 300+ profile data points. Leverage niche and focused panelists to suit your exclusive research needs and gain actionable insights about your consumers and the market as well as analyze the results anytime anywhere using the consumer research tool.

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Quick survey creation

Whether it be simple or advanced questions, we have it all. Use from a set of well-crafted questions, categorized systematically into basic or advanced types to create surveys in minutes. QuestionPro’s consumer research software allows access to over 80 ready-made question types that include the image as well as video questions in over 108 languages. Leverage easy to understand the logic to cater to your respondents on the basis of relevance to each respondent.

300+ ready to use survey templates

We are always updated with various industry trends and hence we have over 300+ ready-made survey templates to cater to your research needs. Instead of starting from scratch, use these templates to create surveys much faster. These survey templates have been specially created by domain experts which are continuously updated and we keep adding more templates to suit even the most unique domains to meet all your demands.

Multiple distribution options

QuestionPro’s consumer research software & tool allows you to send your online surveys using multiple automated distribution options such as email surveys, mobile and tablet surveys, social media, website exit surveys, SMS survey integration, QR code and many more to get high responses from your target audience.

Unified solution for enterprises

Consumer research software offers multiple user accounts and measures real-time data across the globe. Use powerful enterprise-grade servers for best survey delivery and data collection with the added functionality of advanced javascript, single-sign-on (SSO) and importing surveys along with role-based access that can be shared across the organization.

Robust reporting and analytics

Leverage the complete suite of reporting and analysis tools that can enable you to turn data into insights such as segmentation, cross tabulation, text analysis, NPS analytics, etc through intuitive dashboards. Transform your real-time consumer research reports and dashboards into visual infographics and also export these in Excel, SPSS, txt, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Smart survey logic and branching

Leverage easy to use drag and drop advanced survey logic and branching such as survey branching, skip logic, text piping, survey looping, and randomization to create respondent-centric business surveys without having the need to spend time learning complex survey software.

Mobile ready Platform

QuestionPro’s consumer research software helps you to conduct survey data collection and analysis everywhere you go and at any time using our specially designed mobile app. Utilize the app for online and offline market surveys, which are compatible with all smartphone devices and available over Android as well as iOS platforms.

24*7 global support

QuestionPro is ready to support you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can connect with us in real-time over live chat, email or just a phone call and we assure you that our customer support representative will be there to support you anytime, anywhere.

Custom Solutions & Professional Services

QuestionPro consumer research software & tool offers you a wide array of custom solutions including logic and custom scripting, custom design, professional survey creation, multilingual survey translations, customized training, and support. QuestionPro is here to help you in any way we can so even if you are pressed on time to meet your research objectives, contact our survey expert and be rest assured that our experts will deliver quality and timely results.

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Leverage 22 million+ sample Audience

Build a strong foundation for your consumer research using QuestionPro Audience through equal quality and reliability across panelists and effectively listening to your consumers through insightful surveys. Conduct effective consumer research using niche and focused panelists to suit your exclusive research needs using incredible samples from across 32 countries and with 300+ profile data points.

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Software Integration

Seamlessly integrate your QuestionPro data with your existing CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic, Tableau, Caspio, Google Sheets, Hubspot and many more with a host of powerful integrations! These integrations utilize webhooks and APIs for a smooth back-end integration for market research.

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Software Data Security

Data security is the highest priority for QuestionPro's market research tool. QuestionPro is SSAE 16 (SOC 2) compliant, EU and Swiss SafeHarbor certified and fully GDPR compliant along with standard SSL for survey and data and SSO to access surveys on multiple machines.

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