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Consumer satisfaction is a key aspect for ensuring you stay in business. Knowing how your customers feel about your business can give you insight as to what is working and any potential issues. How do you go about gaining customer service feedback? A great way to do that is to create and distribute an online survey. QuestionPro provides you with the resources you need to create professional, effective surveys.

Start building a survey in three easy steps

QuestionPro gives you three ways in which you can start a survey - Starting from a blank template, Importing existing questions, and Picking a ready-made survey from the template library. You can easily create questionnaires on your smartphone or tablets, for QuestionPro is fully optimized for mobile environments, allowing you to develop surveys on virtually any platform.If you need help, contact us to get you started

Easily create a questionnaire in QuestionPro

Either start with a blank template from scratch and start building a survey from the ground up. Select from 30 question types or if you want modify the survey CSS. If there's a list of questions that you already have and would like to use, easily upload it into editor and get your questionnaire ready in minutes. Else, acccess our template library having more than 300 readymade survey templates covering a wide variety of topics and industries.

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Gaining Customer Service Feedback - Things To Remember

With QuestionPro, there are many ways that you can begin to create and deliver surveys - you just need your own free account. Once you log in, you'll see very quickly just why QuestionPro is the leader in survey creation. When you begin to look through QuestionPro's website, think about the following questions:

Store Evaluation

If you have a brick and mortar store, you can conduct a survey to discover what aspects your customers like and dislike. This can include aspects relating to your store's appearance, location, product availability, cleanliness and employee knowledge.

Product Satisfaction

When a customer actually purchases a specific product, it's a great idea to gain some feedback about the product itself. Was it as described? How was the quality? Was unpackaging the product easy?

Buying Motivation

What actually motivated the customer to purchase the product? Was it the pricing? Or maybe the friendliness and help of the store associate? Certain product reviews?

Customer Service

One of the most important aspects is customer service. Knowing how customers are being treated during the process will help you determine if any changes in the customer service process need to be implemented.

Gauging Consumer Satisfaction - The QuestionPro Process


To start creating surveys and gathering customer service feedback, all you need is your own account. You can sign up within a matter of seconds, for free. You can choose from three different ways to start your survey, that include starting from a blank template, importing questions that you already have or choosing a ready made survey from the template library. Select various customization options to personalize your survey to fit your needs.


For distribution of your questionnaires, you have several options. You can start by importing a list of email addresses you already have into the interface. You also have the option of embedding your survey to your website, or posting to your social media networks. Easily create QR codes that link directly to your questionnaire. If you know you'll be working offline, you can download the QuestionPro app before hand, so that you can administer surveys in environments with limited internet access, like at a trade show.


View your summary results in real-time that include the number of respondents that completed your survey and the average time it took to complete. There are several data visualization tools available to you, that allow you to create infographics and word clouds. Filter your data and create cross tabs with large amounts of responses for easy analysis. You can export your data for advanced analysis in Excel or SPSS. If you need your results backed up to the cloud, you can sync your account to Google Drive or Dropbox.

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