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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a key retention strategy

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Workplace Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Report

The U.S. labor market is experiencing one of the most chaotic moments in history. While news of layoffs fill the media, disruption continues, with both high turnover and demand that continues to favor candidates despite a looming recession. 

What this amounts to for 2023 is immense pressure on organizations to deliver on DEI. To contribute to this important conversation, QuestionPro Workforce and EQ Community partnered to gather deeper insights into DEI in the workplace, and what organizations can do to better attract and retain diverse talent.

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Making a big
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"The only way to live up to our core purpose of positively impacting lives is to embody that promise in our dedication to diversity. We want our teammates to feel that work is the second safest place in their lives other than their homes, because that means they can embrace their true, authentic selves.

Such a feeling drives connection, retention and engagement, and ultimately, results in their desire to deliver the best experience for our talent and clients with whom they collaborate each and every day. And that is why purpose-driven companies win in the market."

- Andrew Limouris CEO Medix

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A sneak peek into our study…

Employees have a strong desire for more inclusive environments, with 37% of workers overall, 45% of Blacks, and 54% of managers indicating they would switch jobs to be part of a more inclusive culture.

Where do we stand with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion today?

We were encouraged to see that a great number of workers had a very positive experience working with colleagues of different backgrounds in the past. Some of the positive sentiment highlights include:

  • 83% of workers said they find it easy to work with colleagues that have different perspectives.

  • 87% said that during their career, they have learned a great deal from colleagues who had a different background than theirs.

  • 90% of workers say that they enjoy learning from colleagues from different perspectives, and this was consistent across race/ethnicity.

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About our study

This report looks at data from:


Full-time employees in the United States in October 2022


Different industries

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