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What is a deep dive in surveys?

Deep dive enables researchers to pose context-specific inquiries instantaneously, triggered by a respondent's selection in a question with generative AI baked into the question and answer options.

Deep dive lets you get topical responses to a survey respondents' selection

Quantitative survey questions often do not give a complete insight into the respondent's mind.

With the use of deep dive in your research, you can now get actionable insights that increase the efficacy of your insights collection process.

Deep Dive in Research by QuestionPro

Obtain and analyze valuable data in a new way

Using our proprietary generative AI engine, QxBot, without any manual intervention, each survey question can provide more data and insights into the why of the selected answer option.

With three follow-up questions for a response in a survey, researchers and research teams can learn more about a respondent's selection process.

Advanced Data Analysis for Research

Take control of your projects by gaining better insights!

With deep dive, you will have access to new perspectives for informed decisions

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With deep dive methodology, you have complete control over which survey questions and answer options require the deep dive toggle on. This ensures that greater insights are still collected during the survey scripting phase without extra effort. With the same effort and without manual effort, QxBot helps you learn more about a selection and aids in the efficient collection and management of actionable insights.

The analytics can then provide raw data for you to analyze or even allow a generative AI-based insight that offers a brief, concise snapshot of all three answers in your analytics.

Example of deep dive in your surveys

Consider an organization running a study on employee engagement and experience. By toggling in the deep dive of the survey, there is the possibility of collecting more data on how employees feel about gratification from managers. This can be used to better understand how supervisors work with their team members by asking questions about the feedback they receive on tasks.

Uses of deep dive in surveys and research

The uses of deep dive in research studies are:

Advantages of using deep dive in surveys and research

The advantages of using deep dive in survey research are:

By leveraging deep dive into surveys and research, individual researchers and research teams can collect smarter data and increase the ROI of studies.

How can deep dive be used in surveys and research?

To use deep dive in your surveys and research studies, read our help file on how to set up deep dive.

Get better data by utilizing Deep Dive in your surveys and research studies.

Discover our superior functionality and experience why we have become an essential tool for research professionals.

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"QuestionPro has been a reliable partner in our journey as we go about executing research projects that have been an integral component in our decision making process. The research conducted using the platform has helped us deliver insightful reports to our top management. A highlight of QuestionPro is the customer success team who are not only responsive but have strong research knowledge to understand issues and proactively provide their insights.”

Sharanya Ramesh Market Research Analyst
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