Exit Survey

Is it possible to create a website exit survey?

Yes. You’ll have to add a snippet of code into the back end of your webpage where the survey is to appear. The survey will be displayed as a part of your site (including on blogs). Using this feature allows visitors to respond to questions directly on your page, eliminating the need to open a link to another web site.

To access this feature, go to:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Send Survey »  Website Embed

Exit Survey

To set the survey to only appear when someone exits your website or closes the tab your website was on in their browser, copy the code and paste it into the HTML for your site. The same options used for the Popup – New Window option apply to the Exit Survey.

  • Integration Settings. You can choose to simply have your survey open in a popup window, or you can select to have a popup invitation appear to the user (set to only appear once per user). The popup invitation is blocker-safe.
  • Left. This will affect how far from the left of the screen your popup invitation will appear. Measurement is in pixels.
  • Top. This will affect how far from the top of the screen the popup invitation will appear. Measurement is in pixels.
  • Animation Options. Select from None, Vertical Drop, or Horizontal Drop.
  • Popup Delay. Use this to set how long in seconds you want to wait before the popup invitation or popup survey appears.
  • Invitation Title. Use this to set the title of the invitation (only applies if you have selected to use the popup invitation).
  • Popup Skip Count. Use this if you want to show your survey to every few users. For example, if you set the number to 3, the popup survey or popup invitation will only appear to every 3rd user.