Likert Scale

What is a Likert scale?

The Likert scale was developed by psychologist Rensist Likert in 1932. The object of the scale was to measure a respondent's opinion or attitude towards any given subject. The original scale was a 7-point agreement scale used to measure respondents' agreement with a variety of statements. Today, a Likert scale is typically used to define any 7-item, bipolar scale. QuestionPro has a number of pre-loaded 7-item Likert-style scales and 5-item bipolar scales (also often referred to as Likert scales). Read more about Likert Scale Questions.

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To access the various scales available, use the Answer Library.

How can I access Answer Library for Likert Scale survey questions?

  • Login »  Surveys »  Edit Survey
  • Click the green arrow to Add New Question. Select the desired Likert Scale survey question type. The answer library will work with most survey questions.
  • In the Answers field, click Answer Library.
  • Select the desired answer set. likert scale
  • The answers in the set will automatically be added to the Answers field. Answer sets can be edited once added to the answer field.
  • Click Save Question.