Likert scale survey


What is a Likert scale survey?

A Likert scale survey has one or more questions, each with a 5- or 7-point scale, collecting responses on a range of experiences spanning from one attitude to an opposite attitude.

It is a close-ended question with survey respondents having to select one of the given answer options.

Likert scale surveys are popular among market researchers as they collect feedback, opinions, and experience data. They are simple, easy to use, and easy to answer. Likert scales can help you discover the strengths and areas for improvement in your product or service offering.

Compared to 'Yes/No' questions, the Likert scale survey questions give you the degree of the respondents' experience. It is not enough to know at times whether they felt satisfied or not. Likert scale questions find out to what extent they felt satisfied or dissatisfied.

Example of A Likert Scale Survey Question

Likert scale surveys are used in different types of customer, employee, and event surveys. Some of the common Likert scale examples are below:

Customer satisfaction survey: Likert scale customer satisfaction questions are an excellent option for businesses to know if their customers are satisfied with their products and services.


Customer service survey: This type of Likert survey questions includes a 5-point Likert scale questionnaire to collect customer feedback after an interaction with a customer support executive. The options range from 'Not so helpful' to 'Very helpful'.

Types of Likert Scale Surveys

Likert scale surveys are commonly used in fields like market research, psychology, and social sciences to measure people's attitudes, opinions, and behaviors. These surveys can help you capture how strongly people feel about a statement or question.

The scale usually goes from one extreme to the other, with a neutral option in the middle. Using Likert scales helps you collect detailed data that can be analyzed to find trends and patterns.

Likert scales are flexible and can be adapted to various types of questions, making them useful tools for designing surveys. They can be used to measure agreement, frequency, importance, likelihood, and quality, among other things.

To design effective Likert scale surveys, make sure the scale is balanced and the questions are clear and straightforward. This will help you get reliable and accurate responses that truly reflect people's views.

Unipolar Likert Scale Surveys

This type of survey uses a single adjective on the response scale. It pushes respondents to think of a product or service attribute in a specific direction. Respondents need to feel the presence or absence of quality.

For instance, consider the question, 'How helpful is this article?' The options on a 5-point scale can be: Not at all helpful, slightly helpful, neutral, slightly helpful, and very helpful.

The above question makes a respondent think about the 'helpfulness' of the article - a single quality and is an example of a Likert scale question.

Bipolar Likert Scale Surveys

Bipolar Likert scale surveys use opposite adjectives on the ends of the scale. For instance, consider the question, 'How satisfied are you with our products?' The options on a 5-point range can be extremely dissatisfied, somewhat dissatisfied, neutral, somewhat satisfied, and extremely satisfied.

Uses of A Likert Scale Survey

Likert scale surveys are useful tools that help understand people's attitudes, feelings, and experiences. They are designed to make it easy to measure and analyze this information. Here are some ways Likert scale surveys can be used:

Advantages of A Likert Scale Survey

Likert scale surveys are widely used due to their numerous advantages in collecting and analyzing data. Here are some key benefits:

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