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What is a LiveCast question?

LiveCast is a question type by QuestionPro that facilitates collecting real-time video feedback within a survey. This innovative question employs machine learning and natural language processing to analyze individual video submissions, identify the underlying emotions, and generate detailed reports from respondent-submitted video responses.

In essence, LiveCast enables the capture of instant video responses and provides insights into the emotions expressed in these videos through advanced AI technologies.

Video is highly emotive, and users are more likely to use their phone devices to respond to research studies. Video feedback makes it easier for respondents to provide feedback through surveys. With QuestionPro’s LiveCast, you can automate collecting video feedback, generating real-time analysis, and uncovering respondent sentiments with a built-in engine that uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to derive insights.

Example of LiveCast question in your surveys

Consider a restaurant chain that is looking to launch a new seasonal menu. By using the LiveCast question type in the survey, they can not only get direct feedback. Since the responses are real-time in video format, they are emotive, and there is scope to understand user behavior and sentiments immediately.

Purely quantitative responses on the survey would provide data but would not offer context. With QuestionPro’s LiveCast, you can collect responses at the point of experience in short video formats that offer better insight into decision-making. In this example, the restaurant chain can co-create with customers and patrons.

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Uses of LiveCast in your market research

Here are some uses of using the LiveCast question in your survey for research:

In summary, LiveCast enriches research by enabling real-time video feedback, emotion analysis, and the generation of insightful reports, making it a versatile tool for gathering qualitative data and understanding participant sentiments.

Advantages of using LiveCast in research

The advantages of using LiveCast in research are:

How to use LiveCast in survey and research?

To use LiveCast in your research studies, read our help files on how to set up LiveCast.

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