Push To Social

What is Push To Social?

The Push To Social tool allows you to send positive feedback on a survey to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yelp. This tool will help you with your brand marketing and management. For negative feedback, you can collect comments/reasons for the feedback and get notified immediately so that you can take necessary action immediately. This also helps in avoiding negative feedback on social channels.

How does push to social tool work? How do I enable it?

  • Go to: Login >> Surveys >> Edit >>Workspace >> Add Question >> Graphical Rating >> Push to Social
  • You can also enable a comment box to get displayed if low rating is given so that the respondents can elaborate the reason of dissatisfaction.
  • Required: When you add questions to a survey, by default, required option is turned off. When required option is not enabled, respondents can continue with the survey without selecting answers. If respondents go through all the pages in the survey without selecting answers, the response is still considered as complete. You can enable required option to make a question required so that respondents can continue with the survey only after responding to the questions.

On the survey, if the negative review action is triggered, the dynamic comment box will automatically appear.