Push to social media survey question


What is a push to a social media survey question?

The push to social question type tool lets you send positive respondent feedback from a survey to social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, etc.

Share your survey on Twitter LinkedIn, and Facebook to increase your social shares and also collect data from people that may not have participated in the survey. This question type is effective in brand promotions, marketing, and management. Use it to promote and boost your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

In case there’s some negative feedback, you can ask for feedback via comments or open-ended text questions. This aids in getting notified immediately and taking necessary actions. This comes in handy in containing negative feedback on social networking platforms. There is also an option to enable a comment box along with the question so that in case of low ratings, the survey respondents can elaborate on their dissatisfaction.


Uses of the push to social question in a survey

Online surveys can be conducted for many reasons; some of the major ones include soliciting feedback about products or services, customer experience, etc. These are crucial for organizations to understand how customers feel and take that feedback to either improve their products and services or consider while developing new ones. Any and every positive review of a product or service helps in reaching out to customers and get them to use/avail it. These positive surveys, when pushed to social networking tools, help raise the profile of products and services.

Examples of a push to social question in a survey

his option is very useful for the hospitality industry. Restaurant owners can send surveys to their customers to gain more feedback about their dining experience. Some customers may have loved the experience and are filled with praise. They may have great things to say about customer service, food quality, hygiene, etc. You can simply push these positive reviews to social media tools and let the visitors know they are in for a satisfying experience.

You may also want to consider the General Social Survey (GSS). As any other international social survey would include, the GSS includes data on social changes and trends and how they impact behaviors of the adult populace. The cross-national GSS data is used by social sciences researchers and taught in classes each year. It is a major teaching tool in colleges throughout the US. Posting your survey such as this to social networks help spread the survey and the information that it would gather.


Advantages of the push to social question

While there are many advantages to the push to social question, some important ones are:

How to set up push to social questions in a survey

Learn how to use this online survey feature with our help document on the push to social survey question.

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