Salesforce sandbox integration with surveys


What is Salesforce sandbox integration with surveys?

Salesforce sandbox integration allows users to test Salesforce integration functionality with surveys, but on a virtual sandbox environment. Using this integration reduces the risk of running tests and simulations on live production environments where customer data is at stake.

Using Salesforce sandbox integration with your surveys allows you to run elaborate tests before moving survey data collection with real customers.

Example of Salesforce sandbox integration with surveys

Big-box discount stores have a large number of customers purely due to the scale of their operations. Collecting feedback from these customers is an essential but tedious process. Making sense of this data and mapping it to customer variables is even more critical. When such a brand runs extensive scale survey data collection, there is always worry about corrupting existing CRM data. Using the Salesforce sandbox environment, they can extensively run tests on a virtual environment by simulating real customer data to iron out kinks in the insights collection process. Integrating surveys with the Salesforce sandbox provides the ability to simulate data flow between the CRM and the survey platform.


Uses of Salesforce sandbox integration with surveys

The most significant use case of using salesforce sandbox integration with surveys is to test the interaction between the customer data on the CRM and the survey data from the platform on an environment that doesn’t affect real customer data. Using a virtual sandbox environment allows brands and organizations to evaluate all aspects of data collection and test that the flow of data, both directions, works the way it is supposed to.

Advantages of Salesforce sandbox integration with surveys

Here are the advantages of using an SMTP relay:

How to use Salesforce sandbox integration with surveys

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