Report Sharing

How do I enable others to see the results of my survey?

We provide you with the ability to publish results of your survey online. To share your analysis reports with others go to:

  • Login >> Surveys >> Reports >> Basic >> Dashboard
  • Click on Sharing Options and switch on the option for Enable Report Sharing.
  • Use the Report Link to share or publish the results of your survey.
  • You can also post the report to Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn from within QuestionPro
  • We also provide QR code for the report sharing link.
  • You can also email the link to your contacts.
  • You can password protect your report under Sharing Options

Can I share the report for individual questions?

Yes. Click on the download icon for the question you want to share report for. On the popup, click on Share This Question:


You can share the question by:

  • Sharing the link
  • Sharing on Social network by clicking on the Social media icons
  • Embeding the code under embed option