Report sharing surveys


What is report sharing in surveys?

The report sharing option allows you to share your survey results or dashboard reports with your stakeholders, client, or colleagues. Sharing your online survey results is essential to know how your survey respondents answered and what the next steps should be.

Not all surveys will have negative feedback; there may be aspects that are working well for you and your customers are happy about. You can use that information to continue doing that and use it in other relevant functions or places.

Example of report sharing in a survey

Let us consider a smartphone manufacturer that has conducted market research to determine which brand is most preferred by people. If the results are favorable for the brand, if its one of the top 3 choices, then the brand would want to advertise it everywhere. This promotion will be as good as an advertising campaign. They can simply share the survey results from the platform by enabling the sharing of the survey report.


Uses of report sharing in surveys

You might be running surveys across various locations, departments, demographics, etc., based on the research you are doing. You may want to compare results or share results from a survey. Enabling report sharing helps you share your findings with whoever you wish to. You can share these results on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, allowing you to directly broadcast your survey findings to your customers and potential customers.

Advantages of creating surveys with report sharing

How to use report sharing in surveys

To use report sharing in surveys, read our help files on how to set up report sharing.

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