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What is TURF analysis?

Turf analysis stands for Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency analysis. It is a statistical method analyzing how many people you contacted, and how often you are in contact with the people you reach.

TURF analysis is used by market researchers to assess market potential and devise optimal strategies for product position and communication. Such analysis helps them estimate the chances of success given limited resources.

The ultimate aim of TURF analysis is to identify the most efficient product portfolio. It is achieved by determining the products that have the greatest reach in the market.

It can answer questions like:

With QuestionPro surveys, you can perform TURF analysis for any Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer question or Matrix question.

Example of TURF analysis

Consider a restaurant that wants to launch new flavors of ice-cream. However, they want to find out the best combination that will reach the most people. So, it asks its customers to select a one from the choices - Strawberry, Vanilla, and Butterscotch. TURF analysis will analyze responses and come up with the best combination of flavors that a restaurant should include in their menu.

Or consider a retail company that sells to its customers through multiple channels. They can survey their existing customers to optimize their existing functions.

A leading fintech company surveyed their respondents to learn their credit card usage. Below is the chart based on the sample responses received.

You can view the start reach, completed reach, respondent reach, and count in the TURF analysis software.

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Advantages of TURF analysis

How to perform TURF analysis in your surveys?

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