Visual Layout in Surveys

visual layout

What is a visual layout in surveys?

Visual layout incorporates the concept of design-driven feedback, making it easy to craft surveys that are attractive and captivating at every interaction. Users can customize background images for each question, adding a personal touch to their survey experience.

In essence, visual layout or visual display layout is developed by QuestionPro to craft better surveys. Engage, your respondents with dynamic surveys that match the question themes and respond to their feedback in real-time!

It is seen that there is upto a 50% increase in response rates when visual brand is connected to the surveys. With a high level of flexibility in designing surveys and even how individual questions show on a page, the visual display layout helps you resonate most with your survey respondents.

You have complete control over the placement and appearance of the question on the screen, without concerns about the devices your customers use for feedback. Visual layout effortlessly manages display consistency across various devices—laptops, tablets, mobiles, TVs, and other screens—while ensuring a user-friendly feedback experience for respondents.

Example of visual layout in your surveys

Consider a global apparel brand that is looking to launch a new seasonal inventory. By using visual layout in their surveys, they are able to tailor the survey not only as visually appealing as possible but also increasing the brand recall due to the minute segmentation on the survey display. Since users recognize but also resonate with the brand, they are more likely to offer honest feedback and also reduce the survey dropout rate.

Surveys that are visually appealing across devices and offer a high brand recall, offer better ROI on surveys and research studies. In this example, the apparel brand can co-create with customers and patrons.

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Uses of visual display layout in surveys and research

The uses of visual display layout in research studies are:

Advantages of using visual display layout in surveys and research

The advantages of using visual display layout in research are:

How to use visual layout in survey and research?

To use visual layout in your surveys and research studies, read our help file on how to set up visual layout.

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