Live survey URL


What is a live survey URL?

A live survey URL is used to answer a questionnaire using a web link. If respondents click on the link, they are taken to the URL where the survey is live or hosted.

There are many ways to distribute a survey such as email, social media, QR code, offline app, or website. You can share the live survey URL with anybody and collect responses.

With the survey URL, the system will collect the responses anonymously. To track the answers and know whether a particular respondent answered the questionnaire, you can email your survey.

QuestionPro lets you customize the survey URL to make it more reader-friendly and easy to remember. You can also add your brand name to the live survey URL.

Example of a live survey URL

Consider Costco wants to conduct a survey to learn more about their customers' experience of various stores. The researchers can create a questionnaire and share the URL as it is.


Or they can change the URL so that when they share survey, the respondents will see their business name - Costco - as part of the URL in the browser.


Uses of a live survey URL

Advantages of a live survey URL

How to set up a live survey URL?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on a live survey link.

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