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QuestionPro is a robust feedback software used by our global clientele to create different types of feedback surveys. Use our online survey tool, to create, cultivate, manage, and analyze feedback survey in 360 degrees. Get access to comprehensive question types and more than 300 survey templates, to take a proactive approach in soliciting the feedback helping businesses to make strategies, improve deliverables, enhance customer experience and generate more business.

Distribute and Share Feedback on the Go

Online surveys are one of the most convenient and cost-efficient means of collecting data. If getting responses is your worry, then QuestionPro is the solution. After creating a feedback survey, this incredible feedback software allows you to share the surveys, using email, SMS, integrating it in your website, circulating it on social media, and embedding it in blog posts. Engage more people with mobile responsive and kiosk enabled feedback survey to get unbiased and valuable feedback.

In-built Tools to Analyze the Data

Once you start getting responses for your feedback survey, you are able to conduct statistical analysis so that the collected data starts making sense. Use in-built and advanced analysis tools like conjoint, TURF, GAP, trend analysis, SWOT, Text, MaxDiff analysis, etc. Simply export your results to SPSS or Excel if you're looking for advanced analysis. Apart from that, interpret the data visually by creating charts and graphs. Import the data in Excel, SPSS, text, Dropbox and Google Drive for further analysis.

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Feedback Survey Templates

Take advantage of different feedback survey templates available and customize it to meet your needs. You can create different feedback surveys such as customer satisfaction, brand awareness, employee satisfaction, job satisfaction, event evaluation, training evaluation surveys, etc

Smart Survey Logic and Branching

Being a low-code citizen development platform, avoid time learning the intricacies of survey creation. Use a drag-and-drop interface to apply logic and branching to create smart surveys. The feedback survey software allows you to create compelling and engaging surveys meeting your expectations.

Enterprise-Grade Feedback Platform

The feedback survey software offered by QuestionPro is designed to offer meaningful answers. Use about 80 types of basic and advanced question types to gather insightful data. Create feedback surveys using, NPS, rating, matrix, multiple choice, multimedia, conjoint, maxdiff, etc

Single Sign-On

A cookie-based platform with a single set of login credentials allowing you to sign on multiple systems with one set of Login ID and password. Using the single sign-on feature, you can utilize multiple users accounts for distributing, collecting, and analyzing the data without worrying about managing your login credentials.

FTP Scheduling

Reduce your workload by accessing automatic transfer of files between your computer and an FTP server. Now download and upload files in an easy manner neglecting the complexities of the configuration process. Schedule all your tasks related to survey distribution, customer database import, etc.

360 Degree Feedback Analytics

360-degree analytics provided by the feedback survey software gives you access to the tools you require to better understand the survey responses. Enjoy intuitive dashboards and data presentation in multiple formats. Export reports in different formats like Excel, SPSS, text, etc.

Online Offline Mobile Survey App

The feedback survey software comes with an offline and online mobile app that is fully compatible with all the device types. Now conduct surveys using the app, collect and store data in offline mode which gets synced as soon as the device finds internet connectivity. Create a beautiful kiosk experience using the app.

24/7 Global Support

Our customer support team is highly qualified and experienced to satisfactorily resolve all client queries. Working in an agile environment, our support team works for 24 hours, seven days a week to provide global support. You are just a phone call, email or ping away from them whenever you need their assistance.

Get Specialty Panels

To ensure your survey research yield expected results, you need a list of people who would be interested to respond to your survey. If you do not have an audience list of your own, you can always rely on QuestionPro for specialty samples. The QuestionPro audience offers a stupendous million panelists across 32 countries having more than 300+ profile data points. Out of them, 75% are mobile panelists ensuring you get the most mobile-ready panel for the best quality and highly reliable survey responses.

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Security and Control

Being a GDPR compliant entity, comply with the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework. QuestionPro is Section 508 compliant, a BBB credited business, and its privacy policy is TRUSTe certified. We implement SSL, TLS, SSH, and SCP encryption for secure data transfer. We hash encrypt all passwords, we use IP tables/Linux firewall, a cookie-based SSO with popular authentication systems, such as Active Directory or LDAP, and undergoes periodic SSAE 16 SOC audits to ensure the safety of the data.

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Integrate Third-party Software

Helping you to expand your survey horizon, QuestionPro offers a powerful integration interface to combine feedback survey software with other third-party software’s. Now you can integrate with Salesforce to bring your survey data into Salesforce CRM. Automate your work and enhance productivity by integrating QuestionPro with Zapier which allows you to instantly connect with 1500 apps. Apart from that, you can connect with Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Zoho, Sugar CRM, Adobe Launch Extension, Slack, etc.

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Multilingual Surveys

We support 108+ languages for you to choose from. If your preferred language is not there in your language panel just ask us to ass the language and we will ensure next time you log in, find the language in your packet. The best thing is it saves your manual efforts, just design the survey in your primary language and go on adding languages. If you want manual translation then also it is possible in QuestionPro; however, you have to pay for it. Now creating multilingual feedback surveys is more intuitive and easier than ever.

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