Why must you evaluate QuestionPro, the closest FocusVision Decipher competitor?

Researchers need a powerful, yet simple to use research software, a user-friendly one that everybody can use. When it comes to FocusVision’s Decipher, only seasoned researchers realistically can use the tool to its full potential. QuestionPro’s research software is simple to use, yet robust at the same time, making it the best Decipher competitor. Access 48 different question-types to truly capture what’s on the mind of the respondents. Use powerful research questions like max diff, card sorting, and conjoint to capture bias-free insights with the best Decipher alternative.

FocusVision Decipher vs. QuestionPro: What are you missing out on?

Top Features
Unlimited questions per survey
Survey questions and template library
Multilingual surveys
Multiple user accounts
Password protected surveys
Timed surveys
Survey validation
Advanced survey logic
Skip logic & branching
Question & block randomization
Offline mobile app
Card sorting
Heatmap analysis
Data quality
Sentiment analysis
Data export & reporting
Weighting & balancing
Unlimited surveys & responses
Discrete choice conjoint
Anchored MaxDiff
Hotspot analysis
Van Westendorp
Community management
24/7/ chat, phone, & email support

Reasons to choose a Decipher alternative


Ease of doing business

Breakaway from hidden charges on your SAAS-based license. If you’re not careful, it can mess up your budgeting, especially in large-scale projects. We provide you transparent quotes and personalized services, so you understand precisely what you’re paying for. Yearly renewals with Decipher can be confusing and challenging at the same time. Switch to Decipher’s closest alternative for a more direct business experience so that you can spend more of your valuable time doing research.


Simple to understand software

Research software must be robust, yet simple to use, even for novice researchers. Though it may be a cakewalk for a few seasoned researchers, most others find it hard to use Decipher. Mastering the tool involves lots of learning and will take a long time with proper training. It’s just not practical for occasional users, both time-wise and money-wise. QuestionPro’s cloud-based software is straightforward and provides you with help files covering every aspect of the tool, making us the best alternative to Decipher.


Better customer service

Get a dedicated account manager on your research license. We provide 24/7 customer support, 365 days a year, to solve all your queries in real-time. Get in touch with us over live chat, email, or just give us a call for assistance. Do away with slow customer service and having to fix issues on your own. Ask us anything and receive quick answers to your queries. QuestionPro’s personalized customer service ensures you run your research projects to its maximum potential, without compromise.


Robust questions and logic

Ask questions in 48 different ways. Access the primary research questions and the advanced questions like MaxDiff, Conjoint, Heatmap, Van Westendorp, NPS (Net Promoter Score), and a lot more. Apply research techniques like branching and skip logic, question and options randomization, block and advanced randomization, piping, or question and text validation for your surveys. Use custom scripting to create beautiful yet, intriguing surveys. Tap into futuristic research techniques like Anchored MaxDiff and NPS+ for better research results.


Superior research tool

With Decipher, it is not possible to grant multiple users different permission levels to access surveys. If you have a large research team comprising of various stakeholders for creating and editing surveys, or viewing and analyzing results, multiple levels of permission can be granted with QuestionPro so that all the stakeholders have the necessary access to surveys. Get clearer, downloadable dashboard reports on the go. Run extensive, massive surveys without compromising on the speed of the tool.


End-to-end research solutions

Run powerful and efficient market research surveys with a professional-grade survey tool. Use more than 48 different types of questions to capture what’s on the minds of respondents. Powerful survey logic helps you collect unbiased responses. Build and maintain communities to conduct longitudinal tracking surveys. Tap into a pool of 22+ million global audiences who are pre-screened and eligible to answer surveys of any specificity. Advanced analysis tools help you collect accurate research insights that matter to your business.

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