Brand Awareness: How to Measure Brand Awareness

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What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the level of consciousness consumers have about a brand or a product. A brand awareness survey measures the capacity of a consumer to recognize a brand image and associate it with the products or services that a particular brand is offering.

Learn how to measure brand awareness and how to leverage brand awareness survey questions to gather data and make smart decisions for enhancing awareness of your brand.

Are you looking for effective ways to measure brand awareness for your company?

Measuring brand awareness with online surveys

You probably want a method that’s inexpensive. Yet, you also need a method that allows you to analyze data so you can make changes based on survey responses.

You can start measuring brand awareness by creating and distributing a survey with online software. An online survey platform helps you create and distribute surveys fast. Respondents can complete your survey on the go and data is sent directly to you in real time. QuestionPro’s online survey software makes it easy to gauge brand awareness with report generation tools. Get visual tools like graphs and charts that reflect the responses to your survey — all within the online platform.

No more scrolling through emails looking for individual survey responses or tracking down participants for a pen and paper survey. Instead, the responses to your survey to determine awareness come right to you for easy analysis.

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The brand awareness survey creation process


QuestionPro gives you over 50 survey templates that you can customize to your brand standards. Choose a template and change the fonts and colors to match your brand guidelines. Add or update any questions you want to ask your respondents. Don’t want to work with a template? Start from scratch and build the survey that meets your exact needs.


Once you finish creating your survey for brand awareness, you can distribute the survey. Select from a variety of methods to distribute the newly-created survey. Digital methods include social media, email surveys, and QR codes. You can even choose to print your survey onto signs and flyers for physical distribution.


By using QuestionPro, you can start to analyze your results as soon as they arrive. The built-in real-time summary gives you a preview of your survey data as respondents complete the questions. Looking for advanced analysis of survey responses? Simply export your results to SPSS or Excel for advanced data management.

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Brand awareness survey questions example

Brand Recognition

One of the first questions you should be asking is how recognizable a particular product is in a certain industry.


After you've discovered the leading products in the market, it's extremely beneficial to ask what sort of features made that product stand out.

Channel Distribution

Ask respondents where they have seen the products they remember most. Was is on a television ad? Product placement in a movie? A promoted social media post?


Get an idea of how well a product makes an impact by asking respondents how often they encounter the products. Be sure to ask if the product was in an ad or if they recognize it organically.

Starting Your Survey

All you need to begin creating surveys for brand awareness is a QuestionPro account. Getting started for free is easy. Watch our video to learn more about the steps to create a survey, which include:

Now you can begin writing questions that resonate with your respondents and increase survey completion.

Aided and unaided brand awareness survey questions

With a brand awareness survey, you get to know the overall awareness people have about your brand or product. However, to precisely measure brand awareness, you need to test aided and unaided brand awareness survey questions in your survey.

While writing an aided brand awareness question, you insert your brand name in the answer option along with few other known brands to understand if they recognize it.

Example: Which of the following candies have you tried? (select all that apply)

An unaided brand question is constructed in such a manner that it gives you a clear insight into your brand awareness. A question with a comment box (open-ended question) is usually used in the unaided brand awareness question without mentioning the brand name anywhere in the question.

Example: Please write down all the candy names you have tried so far?

When you measure brand awareness - things to consider

At QuestionPro, we offer a lot of custom survey solutions to meet your needs. Before you begin creating surveys, ask yourself these important questions:

Measuring brand awareness - the QuestionPro process

The value of retaining an existing customer over acquiring a new one is significantly higher. Below are some of the methods to collect the voice of the customer.

  1. Development:
    • To begin making surveys, simply create your own free account with QuestionPro. When you log in, choose from three different ways to start. You can go into QuestionPro's template library and choose from over 100 different ready-made surveys. Or, you can use Microsoft Word to import an existing list of survey questions you’ve created. Last but not least, you can start your survey with a blank survey template, choosing from a question bank of over 30 question types.
  2. Distribution
    • Once you're done constructing your questionnaire, you have a multitude of different distribution methods. You can purchase a sample of targeted responses for your survey, requesting certain demographics such as age range and location. You can also easily embed your survey on your website or post to social media channels like Facebook or Twitter from within the interface. Import a list of email addresses and create customized lists of respondents.
  3. Analysis
    • When your survey is sent out, you can immediately begin to start collecting survey responses as well as analyze data. Easily filter data, create pivot tables, and perform trend or TURF analysis. With in-house data visualization tools, you can create professional word clouds and infographics with just a few clicks. Export your data to perform advanced analysis in programs like Excel or SPSS. Connect your account to Dropbox or Google Docs for cloud storage.
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