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A platform for researchers to access the private and emotional aspects of the respondent which they usually wouldn’t be able to capture via focus groups or interviews.

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Smartphones are easily the most effective modes to get in touch with your target audience. As per a recent study, 51.2% of all internet usage is now done from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is indeed for the first time since the invention of the internet in the late 1990’s, that mobile devices have taken over desktops in internet usage. In fact, going by these statistics, there is now a greater possibility that you are reading this on a mobile device, than a desktop.

But what does this mean for online surveys and market research? Does this alter the conventional panel based studies?

Yes it does!

The advantages provided by mobile devices over typical desktops and laptops is well known - it’s the same reason why organizations around the World have been scrambling to get their own mobile apps out and into the phone of their customers or potential consumers.

So, when it comes to panel research studies for market analysis, consumer feedback etc, how about collecting responses directly from your respondent’s mobile?

This is where the idea of mobile diaries makes panel research so much more exciting, insightful and effective!

Mobile diary studies gives researchers a platform to access the private aspects of the respondent which they usually wouldn’t be able to capture via focus groups or interviews.

What are Mobile Diaries?

Mobile Diaries are basically a private portal that offers researchers a medium to connect with all the participants to capture data and insights to assess actions, activities, timing of events, habits, behaviors and emotions without being nosy.

This can be used specifically with a small group of people that are pre-recruited to be a part of a longitudinal study. This bunch of people is recruited from the existing online survey panel and are instructed on the scope and requirement of a mobile diary. The respondents can upload videos, images and in the process give you a sneak-peak into their day-to-day activity with a product.

How do Mobile Diaries work?

Benefits of implementing Mobile Diaries

Analyze the information provided over a course of time.
Easy understanding of the private/personal perspective of the respondents that wouldn’t happen using traditional means like focus group or interviews.
Creates room for introspection and consequent improvements.
Garner additional inaccessible information about an individual or a group of individuals.
A platform to speak about and share the goodness in their respective lives.
A platform to determine the focus areas, scope of new work and abortive attempts.
Seize the moment.
Deem the various participant reactions.
Archive actions, emotions and behaviors.
Get involved in the lives of participants.

Reasons to use Mobile Diaries

With QuestionPro Communities, you can get access to an online survey panel that can be used to send mobile surveys. This panel is a highly qualified niche panel that you could select on the basis of your requirement and that could help you in the best possible manner in improving your brand. Purchase an audience that you can send out the questions or the interviews for your mobile diary.

Advantages of Mobile Diaries

  1. Get insights about crucial information: Let’s take a case of a newly launched retail outlet. There’s a dire need to get information about the kind of clothes the audience likes or what brand do they prefer or how frequently do they shop etc. This can be done on mobile diaries.
  2. Create an organized timeline: A mobile diary is a qualitative market research tool and you can use that to create a story. Taking benefits of the mobility of a mobile diary, you can create and map details which makes a great timeline.
  3. Improve customer experience: Once the participants are registered with the mobile diary, you can collect feedback from them on a regular basis. This will help you in improving customer experience and make changes in your products/services on the basis of the collected feedback.
  4. Understand customer psychology:Mobile diary is a medium for the participants to be vocal about their thoughts about a particular topic or share unique happenings in their lives. By doing so they unknowingly leave a mark about their psychology.
  5. Conduct regular branding activities: Every organization needs to understand how their clientele reacts to changes made to their branding activities. This can happen using mobile diaries as it’s a platform where the participants can share their thoughts about the update in your branding, loopholes can be figured out and you can understand whether the customers are satisfied or not.
  6. Have solid documents about the customers:By developing interactive surveys, you can get a sneak peak on customer thoughts, behavior and emotions. Mobile diaries let you document these in real-time due to which instant judgments on product improvements or marketing activities can be made.
  7. Compile personalized user information: Mobile diaries is a source to collect individual opinions about events or situations. As participants get a platform to share their life experiences, they tend to share personal, emotional information easily due to which you may receive authenticated information.
  8. Allows the users self-assessment: The participants can use the various inputs and feedbacks shared on the mobile diaries for self-evaluation. Getting access to multiple participant information can be used to understand what’s going on in the world and what works well with the others. This can then be implemented for improvement at individual levels.