Mobile Research

Mobile research is a rapidly growing discipline of researchers who focus primarily on mobile-based research studies.

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Most of the 2000s were spent on static devices like desktops. The world has transformed since then and so has the use of digital platforms and these days every person is online “on the go”. Almost 95% of the US citizens own a mobile phone and 90% of them have mobile internet access. Moreover, smartphone usage has doubled in the past 3 years with October 2016 marking the first time in history when mobile access through smartphones surpassed desktops.

With the rapid growth of mobile internet access, there is an unprecedented opportunity to tap into this newly assembled base of users to conducted focused and more precise mobile research.

So, what is mobile research?

Mobile research is a rapidly growing discipline of researchers who focus primarily on mobile-based research studies to tap into the flexibility, customizability, accuracy, and localization to get faster and more precise insights.

It’s easy, convenient and straightforward to capture data from anywhere and anytime as it uses the benefits of “mobile” technology to conduct effective “research”.

Applications of Mobile Research

This research type can be used in three major ways:

In the first method, you can arrange a panel that would respond to your surveys and give you precise insights. As a panel consists of selected, filtered and handpicked individuals who already qualify for the research, asking them questions and getting insights is not just more easier but far more accurate and detailed.

The second method is applied on site for B2B or B2C purposes where you appoint interviewers or in most cases employees, to collect data on mobile devices. This method is very effective during concerts or live events where face to face data collection is possible for understanding user experience and making improvements.

Another way of conducting this research is by collecting data from locations where internet isn’t available. In such cases, the data collected offline will get automatically synced once internet becomes accessible.

Factors Affecting Mobile Research

In mobile research, all respondents take part from a mobile device. This presents researchers with both - opportunities and some restrictions. In such a situation, it is important to keep in mind these factors that affect the mobile research process:

A few other factors that affect mobile research-

Advantages of Mobile Research:

Mobile Research Survey Tool

All QuestionPro mobile research survey tools offer 100% mobile compatible surveys. All the surveys created using our online platform are by default mobile compatible with no display restrictions regarding of the type of questions (standard or advanced).

QuestionPro also offers an offline mobile application to conduct these surveys in locations where internet connection isn’t available. Incase the responses are collected offline, they can be conveniently synced when network is accessible again. Due to this integral feature, you can get in touch with respondents that you usually wouldn’t be able to with the other survey tools in the market.

Along with these offerings, QuestionPro also provides 250+ mobile friendly survey templates.

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