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Mobile Surveys

What is a mobile survey?
A mobile survey is any survey taken on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. A mobile optimized survey is a survey that’s easy to read and respond to using a small touch-screen device. The survey is rendered according to the screen size of mobile device.
Mobile Survey

Why use mobile surveys?
We all know it’s increasingly difficult to reach someone while they’re sitting in front of a computer. That’s why we’ve developed mobile survey tool to run mobile optimized surveys Online as well offline. We do the work for you! Using ’mobile device auto-detect’ we automatically deliver a great looking, easy to take survey to anyone using mobile devices. No additional set up or configuration is needed!

How does that help us?
People are increasingly spending their time on their Smartphones, be it business or simple search. A survey being mobile optimized helps you to connect with your clients faster and give you instant feedback. Mobile optimized survey also increases your responses rates for the survey which being the end goal of any research. A mobile optimized surveys is likely to get more responses since the users can access it not only from their desktops but also from a mobile device.

Why QuestionPro mobile survey?
We give you not only a system optimized mobile survey but also allow you to take your survey offline. This way you can reach out to those customers who you might be missing otherwise.

Simple and advanced offline surveys.
You are no more limited to collecting feedback just online. Download the surveys that have complex logic created online on your tablet and collect consumer feedback out in the field without an internet connection. Sync back the collected offline responses to your online account once you have an internet connection.

What devices work with mobile surveys?
  • iPad (all models), iPhone (3GS and later), iPod Touch (3G and later)
  • All devices running Android 2.2 and up
Since we auto-detect the mobile device for you, most modern mobile browsers will be compatible with our mobile surveys, that includes: iPhones, iPads, Androids phones and tablets, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and more!
Andriod Surveys

How do I create mobile surveys?
Creating mobile surveys is very simple! Just create your survey in QuestionPro and send it to your respondents using email, Facebook, weblinks, popups or QR codes. When the respondent opens your survey on a mobile device it will look great and be easy to complete !

Does anyone use offline surveys?
Yes, a growing number of researchers prefer offline surveys as that gives them the flexibility to reach their clients in real-time. Ex: Airports, Trade shows, Banks.

What is SurveyPocket? SurveyPocket is the offline survey app for QuestionPro. You can download the app for free from itunes/ playstore and sync all your online surveys on the tablet.

Is it free ?
We give you one device key with a paid account that can be used on a single tablet. A device key is basically a login that is required to download the online surveys on the tablet. If you are running the survey on multiple devices, additional keys need to be purchased.

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