My Surveys Screen: This is where all your survey projects will live.

1. You can edit a pre-written survey or create a new one from scratch.

2. Your newly created surveys will be here for you to edit or monitor results.

3. Access our extensive help files here.

quickstart guide image 1

Edit Screen: Here you can add questions, use logic, and edit survey settings.

1. Add new question (you can pick from over 25 question types).

2. Write here your text for questions and answers.

3. Here you can edit your pre-written questions.

4. Edit footer or redirect to a Thank You page.

quickstart guide image 2

Design Screen: This is where you can customize your survey's look.

1. You can pick from color themes or choose a custom color.

2. Preview how your survey will look.

3. Access additional customization options here.

quickstart guide image 3

Distribute Screen: This is where you can email your surveys out after designing them.

1. Copy / paste email addresses into the “to” field.

2. Note: Your survey is already linked in the email with this auto generated SURVEY_LINK text.

3. If you have a distribution list, you can upload them here.

4 When finished, just click send.

quickstart guide image 4

Analytics Screen: Real-time reporting here when customers answer your surveys.

1. Download data for further analysis.

2. Share this report using this icon.

3. Here you can segment and customize the report settings.

4. Explore our powerful analytical tools.

quickstart guide image 5

Congratulations, you finished the quick start guide!