QuestionPro Report Scheduler

The Report Scheduler is a recurring and automated interface to email you reports on a periodic basis. Typically this is used in a long running survey (transactional surveys) where you have a continuous data collection stream On one hand you have data being collected on an on-going basis, and on the other hand you can create a weekly schedule so that the data collected can automatically be emailed to your account. The Report Scheduler is meant for automatic delivery of the various reports that QuestionPro produces.

Advantages and Implementation of Report Scheduler

Automation and Process Optimization: The reports generation process is completely automated. The process is optimized because you do not need to login to QuestionPro, then select the appropriate survey and then generate the required reports. You have a one-click solution.

One-Click Solution For All Generated Reports: Instead of having to generate various reports individually, you can simply setup the Scheduler to generate and email the reports to you.

Error Proofing: If you require reports based on only completed responses, in a manual process, there is a possibility that you may forget to select the necessary criteria before starting the reports generation process. In this case, you will have to start the generation process again to generate a new report. Report Scheduler eliminates such user errors.

Value-for-Money: Consider a scenario where you have two perpetual surveys. Suppose you require the Excel Report and the Customized Report for both surveys on a regular basis. Perpetual surveys usually have large volumes of data which slows down the reports generation process. Without Report Scheduler, you would most likely spend close to 40 minutes to an hour before you could view the analyze the generated the reports. The time estimate is based on:

Action Time
Without Scheduler With Scheduler
Login to your QuestionPro account and select an appropriate survey. 5 0
Start the generation process for Excel and Customized Reports 5 0
Estimated time for reports generation: 5 minutes per report 10 0
Total 20 0

This time will be multiplied by 2 for two surveys.

Even if you generate reports only twice a week, you will save close to 5 hours per month by using Report Scheduler. This saving will most likely, far out weigh the higher cost of the license required for Report Scheduler.

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