Efficient and powerful market research surveys

Solve the toughest research challenges with simple to create surveys that provide complex, real-time insights.

Professional grade surveys:

Create professional surveys in minutes that are a representation of your brand.

40+ question types:

Access our survey library of over 40+ question types including conjoint, max diff, card sorting, etc. that allows you to conduct sophisticated market research.

Powerful survey logic:

Use in-built survey logic for skip logic, branching, etc. to showcase the most relevant questions to your audience.

Collect unbiased survey responses:

Easily set and manage quotas and use advanced logic to collect unbiased survey responses.
Powerful Market Research Surveys

Advanced analysis for accurate research insights

Analyze your research data in the market research tool that provides all the mature insights your brand needs.

In-depth market drivers analysis:

Analyze your survey data to gauge in-depth market drivers that include competitive intelligence, purchasing behavior and price sensitivity.

Multiple analysis techniques:

Derive accurate insights with a host of techniques including conjoint analysis, maxdiff analysis, sentiment analysis, TURF analysis, heatmap analysis, etc.

Powerful integrations:

Integrate with various external enterprise-grade tools like Salesforce to make your research data collection as seamless as possible

External data analysis:

Export quality data to external analysis tools such as SPSS and R and derive actionable insights from your market research data.
Conduct Advanced Research Analysis

Uncover versatile brand insights

Derive insights that matter the most for your brand. Benchmark versus competition, draw market segmentation metrics and conduct powerful academic research.

Market trends:

Research market dynamics and how it impacts your brand. Monitor consumer behavior across segments.

Purchasing behavior & intent:

Understand purchase intent, the perceived value of a product or service and identify optimum pricing models.

Product & service tweaks:

Learn what matters most and make timely product and service tweaks that resonate most with your target audience.

Retain customers:

Keep an eye out for gaps in product happiness and service delivery and make timely tweaks to consolidate your consumer base.
Advanced Research Analytics for Brand Insights

Top Question Types & Features

Access top research question types with simple to use but powerful features that make our research platform the most widely used market research tool on the planet

Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint analysis

Simulate market conditions to measure the optimum value of a product or service.

MaxDiff analysis

MaxDiff analysis

Collect a best-worst rating for products and services to understand customer preferences.


Card sorting

Group, classify and rank options into distinctive buckets to see which provide optimum value.

Van Westendorp pricing

Van Westendorp pricing

Gauge the value of the product or service and price sensitivity to distinct research demographics and assign optimum pricing models.


Hotspot & heatmap analysis

Enhance go-to-market strategies with granular feedback with images to understand customer sentiments.


A/B test responses

Split survey questions into an optimum response sample to collect survey data that is most representative of the sample with A/B testing.

Block & question randomization

Block & question randomization

Randomize blocks and questions to avoid respondent bias. Collect accurate survey responses from the representative sample.



Manage even low incidence research projects by only paying for completed responses that provide a bang for your buck.

Global support

Global support

Access global 24*7 support for all your research needs alongside a dedicated account manager.

Create and manage your research projects with QuestionPro
Leverage our powerful research platform and uncover complex insights that can propel your brand to the forefront of your industry. There’s a reason why the world’s leading brands and academic institutions use our market research survey tool to conduct research themselves at a fraction of a cost than what it would cost to outsource.