The Sawtooth competitor with more features

Is there a better alternative to Sawtooth? Choosing a survey software that satisfies all your needs is always a complicated process. Researchers and organizations must take a tough call keeping in mind multiple factors like cost, functions, usability, 24/7/365 support, among various other factors. QuestionPro is the perfect competitor to Sawtooth for smarter and more complete research solutions.

Don’t restrict yourselves to only a handful of Sawtooth software features, especially when you pay a hefty license fee. With QuestionPro, you can do a lot more than just conjoint analysis and MaxDiff scaling. Here’s why QuestionPro is a better research tool compared to Sawtooth Software.

Top Features
Unlimited questions per survey
Survey questions and template library
Multilingual surveys
Multiple user accounts
Password protected surveys
Timed surveys
Survey validation
Advanced survey logic
Skip logic & branching
Question & block randomization
Offline mobile app
Card sorting
Heatmap analysis
Data quality
Sentiment analysis
Data export & reporting
Weighting & balancing
Unlimited surveys & responses
Discrete choice conjoint
Anchored MaxDiff
Hotspot analysis
Van Westendorp
Community management
24/7 chat, phone, & email support

More reasons why you must migrate from Sawtooth

Still not convinced why QuestionPro is a better alternative to Sawtooth? Here are the top reasons to switch from Sawtooth for more complete research.


Wider research opportunity

Don’t be stuck with just a few question types to do research. QuestionPro advances the science or research by providing a wider suite of research questions and tools so you can capture in-depth insights. Pose questions in 35+ different ways to capture the most out of your research audience. The ability to do a lot more than just conjoint and maxdiff is why QuestionPro is the better choice to Sawtooth Research.


One module fits all.

The research license covers all the modules that you’d have to buy individually with Sawtooth - plus more. At QuestionPro, it’s not only about providing the question types, but also, providing much more to ensure a smooth end-to-end research experience. Create your survey and access our Audience panel in three easy steps to get quick insights. Or build and maintain a community for longitudinal research and tracking.


Data compliance and protection

The security and safety of your data is our highest concern. We are compliant with the ISO 27001 certification and SSAE16/SOC-2. We’re also HIPAA compliant. Get enterprise-grade security features like data redundancy check, data encryption, and regular network monitoring. QuestionPro is committed to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all information within its system.
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