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Create a survey to track skills of your employees. Apply rating and measure their proficiency in different skills. Use structured data to create skills inventory database.

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Wouldn’t it be useful to know which employees had what skills and at what levels of proficiency? You could easily form a team to tackle projects based on skills in different areas. Perhaps a handful of employees are particularly good at working with sales data software. These employees could be handpicked from an employee skills inventory database to dive into a project regarding the latest quarter’s sales.

You can use structured data to create a skills inventory. A skills inventory is a measure of different skills, as well as ratings within each skill, for an entire organization. Each day, your employees interact with each other, as well as specific tools, and complicated processes. This gives everyone at your organization a different set of skills, which should be coordinated to your organization’s advantage.

Survey software from QuestionPro makes it easy to create a survey for your employees. Your survey can be used to track proficiency in different skills. Your survey can also be used to attach a rating in each skill. After collecting this survey data you can create a database of skills for your employees.

This database can be exposed as a query tool for your organization. People can search through the database to find employees with the skills needed for a project or promotion. Depending on your needs, you can easily create a short-list of internal options to potentially take on the project. You can also filter the skills inventory database to show data for managers or decisions makers, or for all employees.

A resume database is an extension of a skills inventory. However, instead of sorting skills of internal employees, it allows users outside your organization to take your skills survey. This survey is used as a part of the job application process. This has three significant advantages over a simple resume submission job application:


QuestionPro Skills Inventory

In addition to seeing the skills where your organization excels, a skills inventory database can identify gaps in competencies. You’ll then be able to take action to fill these gaps. Managing employee skills and competencies lays the foundation for any organization. The IT industry in particular, where technical skills are at the core of the business, can benefit from skills databases.

A free skills database is essentially a checklist of your organization’s capabilities. It can help your company determine whether it can deliver a particular product or service. The difference between the existing and expected conditions determine the skills gap. Managers and your human resources team can analyze the gaps and set up the training needed to bridge them. Alternately, they can hire people with the requisite skill sets to build a more robust skills inventory.

Having the entire skillset needed to best serve your customers can help your business succeed.