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Airline's flight experience survey template

Airline flight survey template offers questions for aircraft evaluation, flight selection, amenities, and in-flight service. This sample questionnaire can be used to let passengers share their flight experience so that the airlines can gather actionable intelligence. For example, asking the customers to provide feedback on the in-flight arrangements can help the airline serve their future customers better.
Use this free airline flight survey template as it is or customize it to suit your needs.

Many airlines are involved in a continuing effort to improve services to passengers. Please help us by giving an evaluation of your airline in-flight experience.
In which cabin of the aircraft are (were) you seated?
Please check which applies to this trip...
About how full was your cabin of the airplane?
What was the primary purpose to take this flight?
Who made the decision regarding the airline flown on this trip?
Please divide 100 points among the five items listed below to indicate how important each of these were to you in selecting this flight. The more important an item was to you in selecting the flight, the more points you should give it. You may give any statement as many or as few points as you like, but the total number of points you give must add to 100.
Schedule convenience
Preference for airline
Frequent flyer/Mileage program
Ticket price
Company policy
How close to the scheduled departure time did your airplane leave the gate?
Considering all of the above features, what is your
OVERALL rating of the flight?
Using the same point scale, all things considered, how would you rate the value for the money of the transportation and service you received on this flight?

Value for the money
Using the letters to the left of the items in Questions 10-13, please rank the four items that you think are the most in need of improvement on this flight.
Including this trip, how many air trips for business and pleasure/personal reasons have you made in the past 12 months (COUNT EACH ROUND TRIP AS ONE TRIP)

For classification purposes are you...
Approximate age:
Approximately how many people are employed at your business location?
City and state of residence:
Thank you for taking time out to participate in our survey!