Automobile Service Evaluation

Service Evaluation for automobile dealership.

On your most recent service visit, how would you rate the service department on the following areas?
Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent N/A
Quality of work performed
Avoiding inconveniencing you
Making you feel comfortable
Willingness to go out of their way to satisfy you
Friendliness and helpfulness of cashiers
Having convenient hours for service
Ease of obtaining an appointment
Quickly acknowledging your arrival
Promptness in handling repair work
Arranging replacement
Performance of repairs
Clean, comfortable waiting area
On-time delivery
Did the following things occur on your most recent service visit?
Yes No N/A
You were explained the work to be performed before hand.
You were explained the work performed and the break down of the charges.
You were informed when your car was ready.
The paperwork was completed and waiting for you when you arrived
They contacted you to ensure the work was performed to your satisfaction

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