Business demographics survey questions + sample questionnaire template

Business Demographics Survey Template by QuestionPro is designed to carry demographic questions and examples that help gain information on occupation, the primary area of business, job function and description, organization's gross income, etc. This sample survey template consists of 14 questions. This questionnaire can be customized based on the needs of the surveyor. In this sample survey template, one can add or delete questions from this survey to best suit their needs. It has well-defined answer options to get meaningful insights from respondents.

Job Title
What is your organization's primary business activity at this location? (Select one only)
What are your job functions? (Please check ALL that apply)

IT Management
Business Management
In which of the following ways does your company currently conduct electronic business via online services, corporate extranets, intranets, or the public Internet? (Please check ALL that apply)
What was your organization's total gross sales volume for last year?
How many people are employed in each of the following areas of your business?

Entire company
Within your department
At your location
What would you estimate your department's budget to be this year?
What is the total value of the products or services that you anticipate to purchase for your firm in the next 12 months?
What was the total value of the products or services you were involved in purchasing for your firm in the last 12 months?

Psychographic And Demographic Surveys

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Psychographic And Demographic Surveys

General Shopping Demographics Survey Template

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General shopping demographics survey template by QuestionPro is created with an objective of understanding the demographics and shopping characteristics of consumers. This questionnaire includes a list of demographic questions and examples to get detailed information about buyers. In this sample survey templates questions are based on age, occupation, household income, purchasing habit etc.

Psychographic And Demographic Surveys

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