Customer Service Representative Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Customer service representative survey questions collects feedback on the level of satisfaction of the customer based on the service provided by the representative. This sample questionnaire evaluated the effectiveness of customer service provided and what can be improved to provide better customer care.

In evaluating your most recent customer service experience, was the quality of service you received:
Please describe which aspects of the service experience stood out the most:
How would you rate the process for getting your problem resolved?
Please describe which aspects of the problem resolution process stood out the most:
The next few questions relate to your customer service representative.
The customer service representative was very courteous.
Was there anything specific about the customer service representative that stood out as being superior?
Which aspects of the representative could be improved?
The customer service representative handled my call quickly.
How would you best describe what happened?
The customer service representative was very knowledgeable.
What would best describe what happened?
The waiting time for having my question addressed was satisfactory.
My phone call was quickly transferred to the person who best could answer my question.

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