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Dealer Service Evaluation Survey Template

Automobile service evaluation and feedback.

Please rate your satisfaction with the dealer service department on each of the following aspects.

How satisfied are you with the:
Completely Dissatisfied
Completely Satisfied
Ease of scheduling service?
Completion of the service in the time promised?
Explanation of the work performed on your vehicle?
The Effort of the dealership to obtain factory parts for your car? (If parts are not needed, check "N/A")
The Overall performance of the person who prepared your service order?
The Effort of the dealership to see that the service was done right?
Please select the category of service work performed for this visit (Mark all that apply):
Was your vehicle fixed right the first time?
After your service visit, did someone from the dealership contact you by phone or by mail to see if you were satisfied with your overall service experience?
Would you recommend this dealership to a friend or relative as a place to have their cars serviced?
Should you need service again for your car, would you return to this dealership ?
If you are not totally satisfied with the service, please state below the reason(s) for your dissatisfaction.