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Training Effectiveness Survey Questions for trainees

The training effectiveness survey questions template is designed to collect feedback from trainees for the training programs they have attended. This sample survey template consists of 30 questions. This questionnaire can be customized and more questions can be added to suit the needs of a researcher.

Use this free training feedback questionnaire to know if the training program met the expectations of the trainees. Learn whether they feel satisfied with the quality of training, trainer, topics covered, logistics, and more.

Collect data to better plan future learning and development sessions. Below are the questions related to the effectiveness of training for trainees:

Considering your overall experience with the training, how likely are you to recommend it to your friends and colleagues?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Please rate the following statements.
Do you have any comments or suggestions for us?

Top 4 benefits of using the training effectiveness survey template

Online surveys conducted to check the effectiveness of your training programs offer the following benefits:

1) Gauge reactions of participants

Surveying your trainees will let you know if they liked the training, the trainer, and if the training program lacked anything. The training has to be engaging, properly planned, and executed for employees to help do their jobs better.

2) Understand what they learned

It is important that the trainees understood all that was covered in training. You, as the organizer, should know how much of the training or knowledge was retained and how it can be enhanced in the future. Measuring this helps you measure the effectiveness of your training programs.

3) Measure Return on Investment (ROI)

Conduct these surveys to gauge the ROI of your training programs across various departments. Ideally, such a survey should be conducted every quarter, if not more. It's easy to calculate the ROI; it is the cost of conducting training sessions compared to the changes in the organization after the training in terms of staff productivity, timelines, etc.

4) Calculate business improvement

Managers should provide feedback on training sessions, for they will see it in real-time in their teams, assignments, deadlines, etc. It will help in determining if the training was indeed successful in improving productivity, engagement, team dynamics, and performance.

Training effectiveness surveys will help organizations develop effective training programs targeted towards specific goals and employee development.

Top 3 reasons to use this training effectiveness survey template

1. Prepared by experts
This survey template has been prepared by experts having deep knowledge about the surveys and market research.

2. Ready to use
The list of questions can be readily used in your online survey. Create an account and get started with the evaluation of the training effectiveness.

3. Easy to customize
You can easily customize this questionnaire to suit your requirements.