Evaluation of Potential for E-Commerce Services Survey

Evaluation of Potential for E-commerce Services Survey Template has questions and examples regarding non-internet services and which services would be used if available online. This questionnaire sample can be customized according to applicability.


Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. The survey will take about 5 minutes. The responses from this survey will be used to improve the functionality of the [COMPANY] site. In addition, detailed comments and suggestions on how we can improve the site can be forwarded to the webmaster at [EMAIL_ADDRESS]. Thank you.
Please rank (1-5) the following in order of preference in our website:
Less Load Time 
Interesting Images 
Good Information 
Easy Access
Tell us how often you visit our site.

Once a week
Once in two weeks
Once a month
When you visit the site, are you using the computer from

Home (including a home office)
Equally from the home and office

Please tell us why you visit our site (please check all that apply)?
Looking for general information
Looking for rules/regulations
Looking for forms
Looking for facility information
Looking for regulatory information
Looking for Upgrade Information
Looking for Qualified Professional/Consultant Information
Looking for news (Meetings, Seminars, Calendar, Public Hearings etc)
Looking for Contact Information (Agency and Staff Phone #s, Mailing Address etc)
Research for Work
Research for School
Download files
Professional Development
Looking for update on earlier information


Several state agencies have moved on to e-commerce, that is, conducting business on-line. If [COMPANY/AGENCY] provided a website, would you take advantage of conducting the following [AGENCY] businesses online?
Payment of _____ fees
Payment of _____ fees
Payment of plan review fees
Payment of _____ application fees
Payment of _____ related charges
Submission of reports, such as _____, _____, site assessments etc
Registration of _____
Register for seminars and expos
_____ application process
Overnight shipping and handling charges for important documents/reports
Other (please specify)

Would you say our web site is:
Very attractive
Somewhat attractive
Not very attractive
Not attractive at all
How much effort did you have to take to find our web site?

A lot less than I expected
Less than I expected
About what I expected
More than I expected
A lot more than I expected
From what you have seen and your experience with other sites, please rate the following features of the web page:
Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent Not sure
Visual appearance/layout:
Writing style:
From your experience, what do you find to be the biggest challenge with using our site?

I am new to the Internet
Information I am looking is not available
Information is not well organized
There is just too much information
Hard to navigate through the information
Takes too long to load a page
Downloadable files or forms are in a format I cannot use
Other (please specify)
Did the menu of items on the home page make sense to you?

Did you experience any problems downloading files?

Did not try
How did you hear about the Website?
Literature: list source here
Literature: list source here
Literature: list source here
Literature: list source here
Industry consultants
Media (newspaper, radio, TV)
Followed Link from another web page
Search engine
Other (Please Specify)
We would like to hear your suggestions on how we can expand or improve our site. What additional information or features would you like to see added to the site?

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